New Zealand & Australian Travel Management


“Mercury Pacific are absolutely the best people to work with.  They have served our needs exceptionally well in bothNew Zealand and Australia.  Their knowledge of opportunities in the area, organization, and personal commitment sets them apart from most other organizations.  I have worked with a number of other companies arranging trips for groups of 40 or more people but none provide the personal touches of Mercury Pacific .  In fact, I now consider Ravit to be a great friend.”

—Dr. Steve Goodwin, University of Delaware


“The service that you provided was outstanding. After extensive dealings with travel agencies around the world we have been extremely pleased with the highly personal service you provided. The numerous e-mail and covering of the smallest details made the MasterCard Incentive series tour one of the best we have every done. We highly recommend Mercury Pacific and we look forward to working with you on the next series which will be in Australia.”

—Wojciech, Africa Line Poland